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Risk Warning:

Investing in private markets involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. This website is intended for accredited investors only, with sufficient experience and knowledge to understand the processes and risks involved. Invest aware, your capital is at risk.

Risk of capital loss

The majority of start-ups fail or do not develop as planned and, therefore, investing in such companies can involve a significant risk. It is possible that you will lose all or part of your investment. You should only invest an amount that you are willing to lose. If a company in which you invest goes bankrupt, neither the company - nor Solvable Syndicate - will repay you your investment.

Lack of liquidity

Liquidity is the process in which you can sell your shares after buying them. Shares of companies presented via Solvable Syndicate are not easily saleable, and it is unlikely that they will be listed on a secondary market.

Rarity of dividends

Dividends are payments made by a company to its shareholders from the company's profits. Most companies that raise funds via Solvable Syndicate are startups or scaleups, and these companies rarely pay dividends to their investors. This means that you are unlikely to see a return on your investment before you can sell your shares. Profits are generally reinvested in the company to fuel its growth and create value for shareholders. Companies have no obligation to pay dividends to shareholders.


Any investment in shares made through Solvable Syndicate may be diluted in the future. Dilution occurs when a company issues more shares. The dilution affects each existing shareholder who does not buy any of the new shares issued. As a result, the proportional participation of an existing shareholder in the company is reduced, or "diluted" - which has an effect on a number of things, including voting, dividends and value.

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